Wednesday, September 19, 2012


so sorry for the delay
all of the 'coratcoret' had undergone maintenance work
plus the maintenance worker are totally inexperience
and the worker had so much messing up her head until the update was postponed for almost A YEAR 
so sorry for the delays...
she didn't mean to make anybody's waiting
she just have to prioritize...on her work...and it seems that coratcoret was the last in her list
even though now she had tonnes of work waiting on her working table
she still spend a few minutes to jot down a quick note
that...most of the coratcoret has already have their own ending...
even there are not worth to be called a short novel
i guess...if you noticed, those characters in coratcoret are interrelated  
it could be an exciting novel if you could combine all of them together

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